Dear colleagues, dear friends !

Greetings from MUSCULUS, with the original name as 2020; but with its new name being unfortunately PandemicUS. As you can understand, and like elsewhere in many congresses, we had to reshape the format of our meeting this year. Accordingly, while keeping its original style hopefully for 2021, we decided to go virtual this year.

For your convenience, and also considering the time differences between all the continents; in MUSCULUS PandemicUS, we tried our best to construct a two-day program in the weekend. Herein, I need to note that we have already reached 20 countries only with the speakers and chairpersons and, for sure, we strongly hope/believe that this great spectrum will further mount with your participation.

Having a short glance on the program, we shall be discussing ultrasonographic examinations on the 1st day. Well, needless to say, we are clinicians and we need to know how we can promptly implement US as the extension of our physical examination. In this concept, you will find that the different sessions have been designed so as to the image the pertinent symptoms and signs of our patients. At the end of the day, we are going to have two state-of-the-art sessions on spasticity and sarcopenia where we will be taking you through in-depth and novel discussions.

On the 2nd day, we shall be focusing on the next step after patient examination i.e. US-guided interventions. Well, in addition to ordinary joint, spine or nerve injections; we will also look into the role of US imaging/guidance regarding various other procedures like regenerative interventions, radiofrequency ablation, electroshock wave therapy or even surgery. We will be closing the program with our EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM Global Report which is actually straightforward evidence showing how US changed our lifes - not only in clinical practice but in scholarly publishing as well.

Last but not least; I would like to thank all the speakers/chairs, the pharmaceutical industry and the organizing company without whom this meeting could have simply not been orchestrated.

Dear friends,

While looking forward to meeting in person as soon as possible, it is currently my great pleasure and honor to invite you to join us in the US event of this year, MUSCULUS PandemicUS. And let me finish with the two Italian sayings; one for US and one for the COVID-19

Tutte la strade portano a ecografia, non a Roma. Andra tutto bene, ciao…

On behalf of

Levent Özçakar
Scientific Organizer